Start Your Ergonomic Playing Position!

The ErgoPost (patent no: US 7,566825 B2, July 28, 2009) is an adjustable post for the bassoon hand rest (a.k.a. crutch).  It permits much more relaxed positioning of the right hand and wrist, significantly improving playing comfort and reducing fatigue.  The ErgoPost is designed specifically to permit adjustment through a wide range of angles to suit the performer's preference.  Further, the ErgoPost is compatible with virtually any standard hand rest.

A few positions of the ErgoPost

Some Positions of the ErgoPost

The ErgoPost is constructed from high-quality solid stainless steel blocks and fabricated through use of computer-aided design and machining techniques.  It can readily be installed in place of the existing hand rest post; in most cases, this requires simply removing the four baseplate screws of the factory-installed hand rest post and replacing it with the ErgoPost.  The ErgoPost does not interfere in any way with installed keywork.

Each ErgoPost is supplied with all required parts, including wood screws, an adjustment wrench, and instructions for installation and use.

Standard Position Titled position Standard wrist position Better wrist position